A Bit About Arizona Girls State

Girls State is a program of education for citizenship. This program is sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary, open to junior girls in senior high schools. Its purpose is to educate young women in the duties, privileges, rights and responsibilities of American citizenship, in order to help them grasp the meaning of some of the responsibilitieswhich they must assume when they become adults. Girls State is a positive and tangible program in Americanism.

The 2014 Girls State program will represent high schools in Arizona. The entire assemblage will become a mythical state and will function according to the laws and procedures of the State of Arizona. These representatives willinstitute their own city, county and state government by electing their own officers in the manner prescribed by regular election procedures. As duly elected official they will perform the same duties as real office holders in the everyday world, and observe the problems of government and the demands of an enlightened citizen. The girls will live as self governing citizens with adult supervision during the full period of Girls State. The entire program is nonpartisan. The citizens are divided into two political parties-the Nationalist and the Federalists-which are purely mythical so that the girls may see how political parties, as such, function under our form of government. They will develop their own controversial issues in order to grasp the meaning of governmental problems. Problems are considered without reference to any existing political party. Each girl can be a definite and integral part of Girls State functions.

Although Girls State is a program sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary, eligibility to attend Girls State is not confined to daughters or relatives of the American Legion Auxiliary or the American Legion. Any girl in the junior class of high school that meets the necessary qualifications are eligible to be considered as a citizen of Arizona Girls State.

She may not have participated in a previous session of Girls State. She should indicate an interest in government; be cooperative and follow the directives of established rules; must evidence outstanding qualities in leadership; and must meet acceptable standard of scholarship. SHE MUST BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE FULLY IN ALL PHASES OF THE FAST PACED PROGRAM. SHE MUST REMAIN FOR THE ENTIRE SESSION, INCLUDING THE AWARDS CEREMONY ON SATURDAY MORNING to use this participation on transcripts.. She is expected to return to school her for the completion of her senior year and take back to her community the interest and sense of responsibility in Government which is expected she will gain. She will report to her sponsoring Unit in writing or in person. GIRLS WILL NOT BE EXCUSED DURING THE SESSION FOR TESTING. The Director of Arizona Girls State may accept or reject any application for citizenship in Girls State. Since this is a program in citizenship education, sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary, participation in flag ceremonies is required.

The Girls State program is sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary. The program is state wide in its application and interest. Civic and cultural groups such as Parent-Teachers Associations, women’s clubs, civic clubs, fraternal organizations, American Legion Posts and other recognized organizations may assist the local Unit of the American Legion Auxiliary through financial contributions. The American Legion Auxiliary is the sole sponsor of the program.

Personnel & Supervision
The entire personnel of Girls State is in attendance throughout the session. The delegates will be supervised by capable women and counselors and will not be permitted to leave a designated area except in cases of extreme emergency. Any girl found guilty of misconduct or leaving a designated area, except with permission of the Girls State Director, will be subject to immediate dismissal without refund of fees, barred from further participation in Girls State and school notified of girls action.

Health & Medical
Every girl will have a medical examination preferably by her family physician, and the results recorded on the provided form within 2 weeks prior to entering Girls State. A GIRL WILL NOT BE ADMITTED WITHOUT THIS FORM AND WILL NOT BE ADMITTED UNLESS SHE IS FOUND TO BE IN GOOD HEALTH AT THE TIME SHE PRESENTS HERSELF FOR ADMISSION. Every precaution will be taken to avoid accidents and prevent illnesses. There will be registered nurses on duty twenty-four hours a day. In case of serious illness the parent or guardian will be contacted immediately. A limited sickness and accident insurance coverage is provided. Arizona Girls State, Inc., waives all liability for any illness or injury.

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