Delegate Information

Congratulations on your selection as a Delegate to the 70th Session of Arizona American Legion Auxiliary Girls State and Welcome!
Below you will find important information for your time at Girls State!

Arizona Girls State - 70th Session
June 4th - 10th, 2017
University of Arizona
500 North Highland Avenue,
Tucson, AZ 85719

Check In Times
A-H 11:00AM......I-P 12:00 Noon......Q-Z 12:45PM
All citizens should have registered before 1:45pm. Please eat lunch or bring it with you and shop before registering. ONCE YOU ARE HERE AND ON YOUR FLOOR YOU MAY NOT LEAVE. Parents will not be allowed on the City floors at any time for any reason, please say goodbye at the lobby. If for any reason you are unable to attend, please contact the Director as soon as possible. Alternates will be used as replacements.

Suggestions On What To Pack
When packing, remember you will be living with another girl in your room, and sharing a common bathroom with the girls in the adjourning room. You will be responsible for getting all luggage and personal items to and from your room. We are assigned to ??TBD??. The dorm may or may not have elevators. You may want to bring your yearbook or necessary picture of "special" person or persons. You may want to bring: alarm clock, CD player, I-pod, flashlight and camera. Whatever you carry in you have to carry out.

BE SURE TO BRING……BEDDING… twin sheets for captains bed (extra long twin), a pillow, blanket (rooms are air conditioned), or you may want to bring a sleeping bag. PERSONAL ITEMS…Towels, washcloths, feminine items (whether you think you need them or not). COMFORTABLE SHOES…SCHOOL CLOTHES (longer shorts, capris, walking shorts, slacks or nice jeans…See General Rules for what's not acceptable). IF YOU HAVE, you might want to bring a lap top, computer stick, (we have 4 printers), a calculator… small musical instrument if you play one. These musical instruments could be used as accompaniments in Glee Club, as well as, the talent show. Backpacks are optional. Vending machine items are sold in the Girls State store. Cold bottled water is also sold in the store at cost to assist with not having to bring or pack these items. You may bring personal food items for the whole week but rooms DO NOT have refrigerators. Food delivery is not permitted from home or food establishments once you are checked in. This means NO care packages dropped off at dorm. 

Health Card
Completed within the 2 weeks prior to Girls State by a health care provider. Prior physicals for sports are not acceptable. Current physical condition is a must. You will need to attach a copy of Health Insurance Policy Number or Card if insured. All information is kept confidential and shredded after 3 years.

Campaign Materials Allowed and NOT Allowed
CAMPAIGN MATERIALS MAY NOT BE PREPARED IN ADVANCE. So… bring materials such as construction paper, colored pens/pencils, glue, scotch tape, scissors, or straight pins, etc. with which to prepare your campaign signs and City decorations. ALL CAMPAIGN SIGNS ARE MADE AT GIRLS STATE. Posted Campaign signs cannot be larger than 14" x 22", nothing preformed or with adhesive (i.e. stick-ons, name tags or plastic holders). No Computer Generated campaign material. NO PHOTOGRAPHS, BUTTONS, NO PRESS-ONS OR ITEMS TO BE HANDED OUT (suckers, pencils, etc.). BALLOONS, PAINT, SPRAY PAINT AND GLITTER IN ANY FORM (this includes glitter pens and puff paints) ARE A DEFINITE NO! Anything to the contrary will be removed. If damages occur…responsible party is charged by the University.  Costumes are discouraged as they are preformed or not made at Girls State. IF IN DOUBT ASK.

Girls State Store "Togs and Treats" and Bank
Items for sale in the store will be stamps, note paper, film, personal comfort items, water, vending machine items, cards, flowers and stuffed animals for a start. You can also purchase Girls State T-shirts, bumper sticker, blankets, boxers and other misc. items. The Girls State Bank will be available for depositing your money for safekeeping when registering. You may withdraw your money during Bank and Store hours. Bankers are bonded. Girls State is not responsible for money not banked.

Sock Drive
Girls State will be holding a sock drive as a Community Service Project. Please bring 2 pairs of white tube socks to be donated for this project. These are to be turned in when asked for by the City Mayor.

City Pictures, Yearbook and Alumni
YOUR CITY PICTURE will be available for $10.00 (formal 8X10) and $1.50 (funny 4X6) for each type of picture. Keep this amount out of your bank deposit as it will be collected on Monday. We have a “Girls State Yearbook” for $10.00 that you register for during session and receive after Girls State. We have an Alumni Association for $2.00 (first year) that assists with our scholarships.

ALA Wave