Arizona Girls State Alumni Association

Welcome! Go back to the last day you attended Arizona Girls State! Do you remember the feeling that were going on in your head? I know for me, it was a feeling of sadness. These girls that I had gotten to know and love were all going to go back home. They were not going to be a room away when something went wrong. I knew, though, that these were life-long friends. Do you remember thinking you were going to stay so close to the girls you met but then the distance made you slowly drift away? But TODAY this call all change! The Arizona Girls State Alumni now have a home with the American Legion Auxiliary: Arizona Girls State Alumni Association!!!

What is the AZ Girls State Alumni Association?

The AZ Girls State Alumni Association is a group sanctioned by the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Arizona and Arizona Girls State. The purposes of this association are to create college scholarships for the Arizona Girls State Delegates and to help reconnect the friendships created at Girls State. I know that years may have passed and your Girls State memories may be smaller than they used to be. BUT once a Girls State citizen always a Girls State citizen! For some of you girls those memories are fresh and this association will help keep your friendships close! The association will have a $2.00 membership fee that will be due annually. Become a part of this great association that will hopefully grow to be the BEST Alumni Association and help make a difference to the citizens of Arizona Girls State.

American Legion Auxiliary Department of Arizona
4701 N. 19th Ave., Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85015-3727
602-241-1080 -

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